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Compare prices between up to 20 sellers on cheap WoW gold. The whole thing takes about 20 seconds to load. Simply select your server and faction below and click 'Compare Prices'.



GamerPrice is the only World of Warcraft gold price comparison service that uses bots to fetch prices in real time - and thus the only one able to guarantee complete accuracy.

World of Warcraft Gold Study

Read our WoW Gold study into the massive difference in pricing (new year 2007) between the European and American realms, and to see detailed economic data and pricing information for every server - both Alliance and Horde.


As well as a gold search, we offer the first ever World of Warcraft powerlevelling price comparison. We're currently updating it for the Burning Crusade. Here are some of the levelling options available to you:

  • Levelling. The most obvious powerlevelling service available is, of course, levelling. All the way from 1-70, or custom level ranges in between, you can see a range of competing packages from various sellers.

  • Honor Levelling. Come home to extra honor points and marks. There are a wide range of honor levelling options available, including solid PVPing for a certain period of time, battleground marks packages, honor points packages, and more.

  • Reputation Levelling. Reputation is important, and nobody likes to spend their game-time grinding. Specialist reputation levelling packages can remove that need!

  • Uber Mounts. There's more to mounts than normal/epic/flying - getting your hands on a rare or unusual mount is a good way to really make your character stand out.

  • Professions. These can be fun or profitable, and add an extra layer to your game. However, if you've left them behind, are finding them a grind, or want to switch - professions levelling can be a chore. Wouldn't it be nice if it was just... done.

    World of Warcraft Gold Farming Tips

  • The Cloth Tycoon
  • BagSlots: More space, more profit!
  • Gathering Skills - WoW Wages
  • Creating a Farming Alt
  • WoW Gold Professions


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