World of Warcraft Gold Farming: The Cloth Tycoon

This is a World of Warcraft Gold farming guide.

What's a good item to farm. Picture a place or item in your head that's sure to yield a lot of WoW gold. Whatever you pictured; epics, high price blues, rare tradeskill components, etc. it probably wasn't cloth.

Believe it or not, low level cloth can be a surprisingly profitable farming item. The reason being that the numbers of active low level players are few, yet people are constantly levelling tradeskills that use these mats. What's more - it's something that anyone can farm.

Take a look at your Auction House cloth gold prices. Chances are, they're priced higher than their level warrants. The thing is - at a high level, you can fill all your 16+ slot bags with cloth in a very short period of time. Hit low level instances packed with humanoids, and go through recklessly (assuming you can handle it!).

You might just find it's the most profitable hour you've ever spent - although it'll take you a while to sell it all at a decent price, just keep some in the AH at all times, and store several stacks on a mule.

This tip only works once in a while, as when somebody does this, the market gets flooded, and it stops being so special - only do it once every couple of months.

- Enjoy your World of Warcraft gold!