World of Warcraft Gold Farming Tips: Bags of Money

This is a WoW Gold farming guide from WOW Gold World of Warcraft.

The biggest investment you can ever make towards helping you farm more gold is a bigger set of bags. Hands down.

Every time you throw something away, that's gold lost. Every time you loot something and have to spend ages rifling through your bags, evaluating what to disguard, that's lost time, which means lost money.

Every time you have to go back to base to sell stuff, that's lost time and money. You see what I'm trying to say here?

Some top level players will go out gold farming with some bags less than 16 slots - this is quite simply shooting yourself in the foot. At the very, very least get hold of a couple of traveller's backpacks at the Auction House - they'll pay for themselves in a couple of trips, max!

Having the bags isn't enough - however, you also have to have the space. There's no point having a rack full of 16-18slot bags if you're going to keep them full of useless clutter. Get 16 slotters for your bank too, and for your mules, if necessary. You should be carrying around the bare minimum.

Remember - more bag space = more time and more gold.

- Enjoy your World of Warcraft gold!