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It's entirely possible that your class and talent choices aren't suited to farming. Some classes are far weaker at farming than others. This is just a fact of life. Similarly, some talent builds are better than others in certain situations.

If your talents/class combo isn't the best at farming, then, you have three choices: adapt talents to farming (where possible, although this can still leave you at a big disadvantage because of your class), just put up with it and carry on grinding at a slow pace, or you could roll an alt.

Rolling an alt for farming purposes is a big time investment. The idea is that it will eventually pay off - given long enough. Rolling an alt shouldn't be seen as a chore though, and many people choose to do so just for its own benefits.

If you choose to walk this path, you will want to pick a class that's well suited to farming. Mages, rogues and especially hunters are good choices here. Whatever class you pick, make sure it's ultimately fun for you to play.

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    I'd reccomend taking one gathering tradeskill, alongside enchanting, and treating the grind itself as farming time. Certain items you can come across might be valuable because they are only supplied by lower level characters, wool for example. You want to get hold of as many such items as possible, and sell them on the Auction House. Invest in 16 slot+ bags too, and don't fill your bags with worthless vendor-junk on the grind - hold on to things bought by players instead.

    Dusting useless quest rewards will earn you quite a lot of gold. A twinked charact played by an experienced player can power through these quests with considerable ease, and the stream of dusted items can actually be quite effective farming in itself.

    Remember: make SURE you have plenty of bag space: 4 sixteen slot bags, 1 enchanting bag and 1 other crafting related bag (if necessary. Otherwise another 16 slotter).

    When your alt is a high level, farm away. You might want to swap enchanting for a gathering skill at this stage to maximise returns from your farming. (Assuming that through this power-grind/farm you didn't do any actual enchanting, beyond dusting.)

    - Enjoy your World of Warcraft gold.