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World of Warcraft Gold Price Comparison

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The Easiest Way to Make More Gold

The things that make a big difference, overall, to a character’s wealth, are the small habits that earn you gold almost automatically while you play. As I already discussed, the right professions are a very prominent example.

This (shorter) article discusses a much simpler, but equally important aspect: your bag space. Everyone fills their bags, frequently. When this happens, a lot of the trash (and other!) loot which make up a large portion of the gold you make on dungeon runs and such gets left behind. Not just that, but deciding which loot to leave behind slows you down. More space means you will loot more and sell more. Simple.

Dungeon runs have a built in cost (repair bills) and a built in profit (random loots) which can offset this. Once repair bills have been deducted, everything left is profit. So a seemingly small thing like 25% extra money on all dungeon runs (a few extra bag spots = a lot more money, as we all have a lot of stuff we carry around permanently) makes a big difference. And it’s cumulative. Set it up well and you never need worry about it.

How to get Bag Space

Well, here’s the obvious one — buy bigger bags! Ok, so I don’t expect a Nobel Prize for this revelation — but you really should weigh up the benefits of going for 18 or 20 slot bags. (I’m assuming everyone has at least full 16 slot bags).

Whether it’s worth it or not is different for everyone, but generally — especially if you do a lot of dungeon runs or farming — it is going to be a worthwhile investment.

Spring Clearance

Upgrading your bags is not the only way to get at more bag space. To stand a chance at succeeding, you need...
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Earning WoW Gold: Which Professions to take to the Bank?

So — you want to earn more gold? This isn’t entirely uncommon! One really significant factor in how wealthy your character is likely to be, is your choice of professions.

The fact is, if you have the right professions, you will make money automatically. This isn’t exactly a revelation. If you’re a miner, you will stumble on hot mining spots, and the same for the others. They work differently, and I will discuss the pros and cons in detail - but it’s a significant part of the game’s economy, and a nice side income.

Crafting Professions

- Ok, so you can make money with these, but it’s a very active process. Let’s face it, you’re better off with a gathering profession. Here’s why: Crafting professions are fairly common, and you only need one person to do each combine once. Plus, skilling up these professions takes ages — so a lot of the stuff that could have turned a profit is being sold at a loss on the AH, so that someone gets the skill up. The big trade off to all of this is that you get exclusive BoP craftable armour, weapons and other items of interest.

The Burning Crusade did help, however. This is because of Primal Nethers being needed for most of the higher end combines. These drop almost exclusively in level70 content, specifically, they drop once in every heroic dungeon run - although they can drop in regular difficulty instances, it’s just significantly rarer. You can expect to make a profit of 250-300 gold from each nether you come across - but this is only useful if you are:

- A level 70 doing regular (ish) heroic runs.

- Very close to maximum skill in your chosen crafting profession.

- In possession of...
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